PrimeHD: post-production and creative for your project. Integrity. On-time, on-budget deliveries.

Before you ask: we have done so much fancy work for others, including web design, that we decided to go completely ascetic with ours. Thank you for understanding this is purely functional.

What we do:

Photo/video/audio post-production services. Retouching, relighting, visual FX, matte removal (green screen / blue screen), replacements and additions, object tracking, editing, titling, audio sweetening.

Local US (primarily East Coast) and international art and media collaborations.

Art installations. Creative works. Exhibits (one example: a very successful museum exhibit made under the contract of The Smithsonian's Institute, complete with the creative, video, and post, as well as custom-made for this particular project software and hardware by Prime HD.)

Web site design. Responsive pages that look right on smartphone, desktop, tablet. Domain management.

On-time, on-budget delivery. Strong work ethics.

Professional Experience:
- art and photo/video/audio production and collaboration since 1999
- web design since 1995 (at the very beginning)
A large number of awards and recognitions. World-renowned and small clients and collaborators, all happy.

Full Adobe CC suite plus $$$$$ worth of custom plug-ins for audio and video owned.


Let's make something great for you now!

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